Hello, friends of light railways!

I greet all people who are crazy about industrial narrow gauge field railroads (Decauville railways).

Since 1992 I spend my spare time restoring small motor locomotives from heaps to completely workable engines. I'd like to have contact to anyone with the same spleen.

I am especially interested in the department "Montania" Nordhausen of the O&K trust. But I also have locos from other manufacturers in my collection: O&K Dortmund, OeK Sesto, OyK Cornellà, LKM Babelsberg, Jung, Deutz, DEMAG, DIEMA, CKD and EGV Budapest.

In my opinion collecting historical vehicles only makes sense, if they are demonstrated in action. I'm restoring the engines one by one and finally they're shown on narrow gauge railroad exhibitions, e.g. at the "
Feldbahnschauanlage Glossen" near the village Glossen or the "Feldbahnmuseum Herrenleite" near the town Pirna, both in Saxony.

In addition to the locos I've collected some wagons and many documents like instruction manuals, lists of spare parts, original photos and drawings.

Of course I am helping other field railroad enthusiasts with information; I am also interested in swapping spare parts.

I am looking forward to an e-mail from you.

Matthias Richter

feldbahn-richter.de, with the prefix mail@