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April 2018

Because of the special construction of the Slavia motor in the MD2 no. 12005 the dismounting of pistons and piston rods was only possible from the bottom side. That means the motor had to be lifted and its bottom cover plate hat to be opened for reaching the piston rod nuts, a not very service friendly construction. But with the help of a fitting chain pull the stripping was laborious but not difficult. Especially the piston from the cracked liner looked critical but after cleaning he showed a good condition.
The connection chain between the loco axles looked cleaned like a new one.


March 2018

In a first step the MD2 no. 12005 should made workable with fairly low effort. For this motor and gearbox - both fixed during long stay - had to be released. The general construction of Montania locos is from today's perspective service friendly but only, when all parts are moveable like in normal use. If not, it could occur that not all screws could be reached by the wrench.
To push out the pistons from the liners was not difficult with the help of a 10mm thick steel plate and some patience. The fact that both liners moved together connected by the crankshaft when one of them was pressed prevented damages of the motor. The sleeves were less perished so that the not cracked one was useable after honing. The other one must be rebuilded from new material (sphere cast).
Together with the old oil a few liters of water left the motor. It was ecpected. But after that a glittering layer of ice devided the case. That was not expected. The valve guide were o.k. but it was not easy to remove the valves. The outlet valves were corroded and had to be rebuilt.
The inner parts of the gearbox showed some signs of rust because a stupid guy dismounted the upper eyehole plate an left the hole open. But the plate remained at least. Both of the clutch cones were fixed by rust in its housings. After dismounting the main shaft they could be released by some powerful hits to the right points. The roller bearings were in good condition and after mounting the gearbox now waits to get on duty



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